We co-ordinate key events to develop and prepare Team PNG’s Coaches, Managers and Athletes

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Operations & Programs


The Papua New Guinea Olympic Committee’s (PNGOC) High Performance Division coordinates key events to develop and prepare Team PNG’s coaches, managers and athletes for the Pacific Games and other major international tournaments.

National Coach & Manager Conference
The PNGOC’s High Performance Division hosts annually the National Coaches & Managers Conference (NCMC), for Team PNG appointed national coaches and managers. The program involves planning, building, promoting, and assessing a variety of high performance program components for athletes and teams. 

Team Farewell
An initiative by the PNGOC’s High Performance Division to educate, inform and motivate National Teams travelling for International competitions, HP training camps and tournaments. This is a one hour session conducted by the High Performance team who talk about topics such as nutrition, self-management, sleep and recovery protocols. We also invite a member from the Papua New Guinea Athletes’ Commission (PNGAC) to speak about the various programs that it runs and other athlete-related matters such as Team PNG athlete-related policies. 

Coach Workshops
These sessions form an integral part of Team PNG’s preparations for Pacific Games particularly aimed at the coaches of Team PNG.

Champion Workshops
Similar to the National Coach and Manager Conference, this is another initiative by the PNGOC’s High Performance Division aimed at bringing the athletes, coaches and managerstogether to plan, build, promote, and assess a variety of high performance program components for Team PNG athletes, teams and officials.

We sell a variety of products at the High Performance Training Centre such as strapping tape and athlete accessories such as trigger balls.


Travelling Team Support
A member of the PNGOC’s High Performance is made available to travel with teams with sports to their competitions, training camps and tournaments domestically and overseas.  This added service provides coaches and managers additional support and the comfort of knowing that their high performance needs will be catered for.

Regional Support
Many of Papua New Guinea’s elite athletes are based in regional centres around the country so the PNGOC’s High Performance Divisions is developing methods to provide services such as testing protocols, education, exercise prescriptions for athletes (strength and conditioning), physio screenings and massage in these regions to ensure these athletes are being serviced.

Staff Education
The High Performance Division also provides training courses to enhance and develop its staff so that they have the expertise to prepare Team PNG’s. These courses focus on the basic principles of sports medicine, first aid and strength and conditioning.

The following courses are offered to our staff:

  • Sports Medicine Australia Sports Trainers course Level 1
  • Sports Medicine Australia Advance Strapping
  • Performance Education Acceleration Australia
  • Australian Strength and Conditioning (ASC) Level 1
  • Sports Medicine Australia Senior First Aid Course

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