54% of gold medals at the 2011 Pacific Games in Noumea were won by female athletes

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Women and Sport

The International Olympic Committee recognises the need to promote the participation of women in sport, as sport is seen as an effective tool for the empowerment and development of women and girls. The PNGOC established the PNG Women and Sport Committee in 2000 with the goal of seeing more women actively participating at all levels in sport in Papua New Guinea, particularly at decision-making levels. The work of the commission, under the chairwomanship of VeituDiro, late Florence Bundu and Emma Waiwai, in promoting the equality of men and women whether as athletes, officials or administrators, has seen positive increase in gender equality and the performance of women across sport in PNG. The current board of PNGOC consists of 50% male and female having earned their position on merit. Fifty seven per cent of total Team PNG medals (gold, silver, bronze) and 54% of gold medals at the 2011 Pacific Games in Noumea were won by female athletes.

Women and Sports Committee members

  • Emma Waiwai Chairperson – PNGOC Female Vice President
  • Andrew Lepani – PNGOC
  • Salome Rihatta
  • Konio Vai
  • Linda Wonuhali
  • Sophie Tuna – PNG Sports Foundation
  • Ilaita Gigimat – PNGOC (Coordinator)
  • Linda Pulsan 

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