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Athlete Performance Services

Sports Medicine


Team PNG has access to two Papua New Guinean doctors who will provide Team PNG with medical services as well as access to X-ray's, CT scans and MRI's. We have also built associations with internationally recognised sports physicians and orthopaedic surgeons.


Our physiotherapists provide Team PNG with expert injury assessment, diagnosis and treatment.  Treatment may include massage, joint mobilizations, rehabilitation exercises and use of state of the art medical equipment.  This results in reduced injury recovery periods and an earlier return to activity for our athletes.  Injury rehabilitation exercises are designed specifically to reflect each individual’s injury as well as the physical demands required to compete in their sport.

Team PNG physiotherapists communicate regularly with PNGOC strength and condition staff and coaches to modify programs and training to allow injured athletes to participate as much as possible during their rehabilitation.  Physiotherapy screenings are provided for all Team PNG athletes and are utilized to recognise early warning signs of injury.  This allows early management to reduce injury risk and plays an integral role in injury prevention.  Ongoing professional development is provided on a weekly basis for all rehabilitation staff.

For bookings contact hpreception.pngoc@gmail.com OR call 3251411


Massage therapy provides many benefits for our athletes and helps them to compete at their best.  Some benefits of massage include reducing muscle tone and spasm, increasing flexibility, increasing blood flow, increasing lymphatic drainage, decreasing heart rate, lower blood pressure, increasing mood and decreasing stress through the release of endorphins.  Our Team PNG massage therapists have also completed their first aid, CPR and level one sports trainer courses as recognized by Sports Medicine Australia.  

For bookings contact hpreception.pngoc@gmail.com OR call 3251411

Sports Trainers

Our team of sports trainers are all qualified through Sports Medicine Australia. They have completed their first aid, CPR and level one sports trainer courses.  They are trained in taping and first aid injury management.  Sports trainers will be providing their services in many sporting events leading up to the Pacific Games and will play an integral role in injury management and prevention.  They will work closely with all medical staff including physiotherapists and doctors.  

Sport Science

Strength & Conditioning

Strength and conditioning aims to develop and enhance the physical capability of all Papua New Guinean elite athletes. We work alongside athlete, coach and manager to develop a sport specific program that targets speed, agility, strength, power, endurance and flexibility. This involves gym-based strength training designed to improve total body power, as well as conditioning training designed to enhance cardiovascular performance to achieve appropriate weight to compete.

Ways we deliver:

  • Use of Accelerware software to design and monitor gym programs and track testing data
  • Testing to analyze athlete progression across a selected timeframe
  • Periodization – development of structured plan to ensure our athletes are best prepared
  • Program Development – Strength Training, Stability & Injury Prevention, Flexibility, Deep System, etc.
  • ‘Shred Shed’ facilities – implementation of structured circuit training for weight maintenance and combat training.

Nutrition/ Hydration

The PNGOC’s High Performance Division looks to appropriately advise all Papua New Guinean elite athletes on basic nutrition and hydration to ensure continued performance during training and throughout competition.  We seek to empower the athlete with information on thefood sources available to them and the correct balance of these required at the various stages of their training cycle.

Ways we deliver:

  • Working alongside specialists from Griffith University in Queensland, Australia to educate coaches, managers & athletes during a number of High Performance workshops
  • Educational material onlocal food options


The Athlete Performance Unit analyses acute responses and chronic adaptations for all athletes. Our purpose is to improve athletic performance by implementing exercise prescription that is based upon our physiological findings. Monitoring the physiological responses and performance variables is of utmost importance to assess training effectiveness of all national elite athletes.

Ways we deliver:

  • Performance and Endurance testing at quarterly intervals (3 months)
  • Video analysis
  • Anthropometry measures
  • Software for power assessment

Video Analysis

We use video analysis to assist us in three main areas. This technology is key for the development and the performance of an athlete/ team.

The 3 forms of Video Analysis we use are

  • Movement Analysis – we use applications on media pads to analyse an athlete’s movement patterns
  • Technical Analysis – we use a variety of software to review the skill/s performed by an athlete in their chosen sport
  • Performance Analysis – we use software to breakdown the performance of teams/ athletes to review aspects such as statistics, decision making, patterns of play, opposition scouting etc

Athlete Welfare & Support

The PNG Athletes’ Commission (PNGAC) was established in 2000 under the umbrella of the PNGOC. The PNGAC was established to serve the interests of PNG’s elite athletes that participate at international events such as the Olympic, Commonwealth and Pacific Games. The role of the PNGAC can be found under the Athlete Commission section.  The PNGAC works closely with the PNGOC’s High Performance Division to provide this services to athletes.

For more information, visit the PNGAC.


Experts have been engaged to deliver counselling services that will help our athletes.  We believe this service will help our athletes develop the appropriate skills that will allow them to finely tune their mind and body in order to reach their full potential both ‘on and off the field’. 

Sports Chaplains

This service provides pastoral care for the elite athlete, coaches, administrators and their families. We recognise that spirituality is an important aspect of Team PNG and we will use this service to enhance this.

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