The annual Trukai Fun Run is the biggest event of its kind in the Pacific

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Trukai Fun Run

The annual Trukai Fun Run is the biggest event of its kind in the Pacific with its popularity growing every year as tens of thousands of people take part in what has become a nationwide event. The fun run has been the major fundraising event for the PNGOC since its inception in 1983, consistently raising funds for Team PNG to participate in international sporting events. In its initial years SP Brewery were the major sponsors through their brand Pepsi Cola and runners of all ages and sizes took part in what was then known as the Pepsi Fun Run. The fun run underwent a name change in 2000 when Trukai Industries took over major sponsorship of the event. Now known as the Trukai Fun Run, the fun run is held in town centres all around Papua New Guinea, and participants number in the tens of thousands.

The fun run t-shirt has become a key part of many Papua New Guineans wardrobe and you will see it being worn year-round. The major sponsor donates the t-shirts to the PNGOC, who then conducts auctions for them in Port Moresby and Lae. Corporate houses are invited to attend the auctions where they bid for the t-shirts to give to local schools. Following the auction, successful bidders are then given their t-shirts for printing of their company’s name and logo on the t-shirts before handing them over to their respective schools. The schools then sell the t-shirts to students, parents and friends to raise money for schools projects.

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